Battle Lords: Charlie Foxtrot Role Playing Game

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The first supplement to the newest edition of Battlelords of the 23rd Century, Charlie Foxtrot, includes five one-shot, scenarios complete with pre-generated characters. The scenarios range from corporate espionage, to military actions against the Arachnids, to mercenary work, to run-ins with the Atlanteans, and all the way up to flat out piracy. In between several of the scenarios are short fiction pieces that help set the tone, as well as giving readers some deeper insights into the Battlelords universe. The scenarios in Charlie Foxtrot can be tailored for any science-fiction roleplaying game. Lastly, you might be wondering why it is called Charlie Foxtrot. We explain the etymology of the term in the intro of the book, but in short, a “Charlie Foxtrot” is the same thing as a major screwup. Players participating in the scenarios included in Charlie Foxtrot will make bad decisions, screw up, flub die rolls, and generally make a mess of things. Just roll with the bad die results (no pun intended) and worse plans, and let the dark humor of Battlelords come through. Embrace your inner miscreant and relish in your Charlie Foxtrots, but always remember… Incoming fire has the right-of-way.

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