Chessex 7-Die Set Metal: Dark Metal Color

UPC / JAN: CHX27028

7 pcs dice set by Chessex

  • All dice read from the top for easy comprehension
  • Uses underscoring to differentiate 6 and 9
  • Sharp edges for easy shape recognition
  • Numbers are as large as possible on each face

This dice set contains:

  • 4-sided die (d4) 
  • 6-sided die (d6) 
  • 8-sided die (d8) 
  • 10-sided die (d10) 
  • 12-sided die (d12) 
  • 20-sided die (d20) 
  • Percentile 10-sided die (d10 showing 00/10/20/30, etc)

Dice are 16mm 5/8 inch in size based on the D6.