Excavation Earth Board Game

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In Excavation:Earth you lead a race of alien explorers on their quest to excavate human artifacts and curate the ultimate art collection, and most importantly, cash in big!

Manage your drafted hand of cards to unearth artifacts in excavation sites around Earth, deploy traders in markets, manipulate market prices to sell at the right for the highest profit. But don’t forget to keep on top of the struggle for political power happening in the halls of the Mothership! Without your envoys there your faction risks being edged out of the upcoming landgrab when Earth is colonized.

At the end of the game you want to end up with the coolest collection of artefacts that will wow art museums throughout the Union of Free Races.


  • Main Board
  • Buyer Board
  • Mothership Board
  • 5 Faction Boards
  • 90 Artifact tiles
  • 15 Faction wooden explorer pawns
  • 110 Faction wooden crew cubes
  • 5 Faction wooden turn order markers
  • 50 buyer pawns in 5 colours
  • 7 white wild buyer pawns
  • 1 wooden round marker
  • 60 Action cards
  • 12 Travel cards
  • 17 Buyer cards
  • 12 Command cards
  • 68 Credit tokens
  • 4 Initiative tokens
  • 4 Player aids


  • Age: 14+
  • Number Of Players: 1 - 4
  • Play Time: 30 - 90 min

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