Footloose Funko Board Game

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Footloose Party Game

Play as rebellious teens dancing against the small town's "no dancing" law! Cut loose around Bomont, from the drive-in diner and the old mill to the honky tonk, pushing your luck to gain points. Score bonuses by winning a tractor-chicken face-off or the dance-off at the Prom. To win, break the rules, but don’t get busted! With its colorful retro look and fun and flexible "finger shoes," this family-friendly party game celebrates the 1980s hit movie in style!

Gameplay Features

  •  Based on the hit movie about rebellious teens banned from dancing
  •  Relive famous scenes like playing Tractor Chicken and dancing at the prom
  •  Changing press-your-luck limits keep games exciting
  •  Final rounds add new rules, increasing the game’s tactical challenges
  •  Finger shoes can be worn for extra finger-dancing fun as you play
  •  Tap into 1.3 million Footloose movie Facebook followers

Game Contents

  •  75 Dancing Cards
  •  8 Finger Shoes
  •  8 Player Boards
  •  80 Point Tokens
  •  Prom Champ Token
  •  Tractor Champ Token
  •  Instructions

Game Details

  •  Party Game
  •  Ages 10 and up
  •  For 3-8 players
  •  15-minute gameplay

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