Imperium: The Contention Deluxe Edition Board Game (Pre-order)

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Arriving time July - September 2020

Only one may wield the Void Scepter.
Seize the Void Scepter, in the first 4X card game with area control!
Fast-paced, customizable, and beautifully illustrated, Imperium: The Contention delivers epic sci-fi in 20 minutes per player. Choose one of six factions, each with a preconstructed deck, or build your own from a complete collection of over 300 cards. The Void Scepter solo campaign is included.
You begin with a homeworld, in a random galaxy waiting to be explored. Each turn, you can colonize new worlds, move ships, play cards, and battle your enemies. Turns are simultaneous, greatly reducing downtime. Taking the Imperial Capital by force may be your key to victory or your downfall. Gain 8 favor, or claim 8 worlds, and the Void Scepter will be yours!

  • 362 Cards
  • 6 Tuck Boxes
  • 38 Oversized Cards
  • 1 Void Scepter Mini
  • 14 Ship Minis
  • 14 Small Cards
  • 6 Favor Dials
  • 30 Hex Tokens
  • 44 Round Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Solo Campaign book


  • Ages: 13+
  • Players: 1-6
  • Game Length30-120 min

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