Karekare Board Game

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Welcome to the beautiful beach of Karekare in the Aotearoa archipelago. Explore the territory by placing the tiles of the game in the best place, take control of your territory, accumulate honor for your tribe and carve your place in history.

In Karekare, 2 to 4 players become leaders of different Maori iwis that reached Aotearoa in search of a new home. The players explore the territory by adding new land tiles, which gives them the opportunity to perform specific actions that will help their iwi expand and settle new lands. When a player lays a tile on the table, that triggers a reaction depending on the other tiles adjacent to the freshly placed one. These reactions will generate resources, will allow players to place control tokens on the board and eventually grant them mana points. The winner is the player whose iwi can acquire the most mana before the end of the third era.

• Discover uncharted islands and help you bird tribes thrive!
• Fun, unique graphics and high-quality components.
• Tile placing mechanics lend to high re-playability!
• Learn about endangered bird species of the South Pacific

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 45 minutes


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