The Acts Board Game

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Go back 2,000 years to the birth of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Players take on the role of disciples in the early church, as you spread out from Judea to add believers. The Acts is a Christian game, that is Biblically based, yet requires no knowledge of the Bible to play and enjoy.

Each turn, players utilize the mechanics of worker placement as they preach, pray, plant new churches, perform various mighty miracles, and much more. Diminishing returns for certain actions encourage players to spread out quickly, while tight action availability leads to crucial decisions.

While The Acts allows for intense strategy within its decision space, a limited number of actions allows people to quickly learn the rules. Experience the genre of Christian games in a whole new way as you set out to change the world!

  • game board
  • 36 disciples
  • 24 churches
  • 24 miracle cards
  • 4 scoring tokens
  • 13 light discs
  • 16 dark discs
  • 12 spiritual gift cards
  • 40 prayer points
  • 1 rulebook
    • Age: 14+
    • Number of Players: 2 - 4
    • Play Time: 60 - 90 min