Tiny Epic Mechs Board Game

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In Tiny Epic Mechs, players take on the roles of highly skilled and athletic Mech pilots. They compete in a free-for-all battle royale over the span of six rounds. In each round, players select four of eight available actions to program. These actions keep you moving around the arena while allowing you to deploy high-scoring defensive turrets, plant explosive land mines with hidden values, collect resources, purchase weaponry, and power up into your Power Armor or eventually the highly-sought-after Mech Suit. While each player has their own Power Armor, there is only one Mech Suit, reserved for the king of the hill.
  •  4 ITEMeeples
  • 4 Powe Armor
  • 1 Mech
  • 16 Basic Weapons Items
  • 16 Advanced Weapons
  • 9 Pilots Cards
  • 21 Zone Cards
  • 16 Weapon Cards
  • 16 Advanced Weapon Cards
  • 4 Player Cards
  • 32 Programming Cards
  • 1 Round Card
  • 16 Wooden Mine Tokens
  • 18 Wooden Tokens
  • 12 Wooden Turret Tokens