Weiss Schwarz: Idolmaster Shiny Colors Pro 283 PRO Alstroemeria - JP Trial Deck+

UPC / JAN: 4573414716448
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Idolmaster Shiny Colors is still very popular and is fully prepared to participate in Weiss Schwarz!

Many famous scenes in the play are on cards!

Experience the story of Idolmaster Alstroemeria and the other adventurers with Weiß Schwarz!

One trial decks contains 50 cards.

Each pack will include 2x R or higher rarity cards!

  • 1x RR or higher rarity card will be included approximately every 2 packs.
  • 2 RR cards may be included in the same pack.

Idol recorded in this product

  •  Kana Osaki
  • Osaki Jinka
  • Chiyuki Kuwayama

    The cards included in this product are limited edition cards that can only be obtained here!

    The cards in your deck are made up of [Yellow] and [Red]!

    You can build a deck only with cards with card numbers starting with [ISC /].