Malifaux 2nd Edition Wyrd Miniatures Malifaux Gremlins Arsenal Wave Game

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Malifaux - Gremlins Arsenal Box Wave 1

Based in an alternate Earth, Malifaux uses gothic, steampunk, Victorian horror with a dose of the wild west to inject fun and depth into the magical lawlessness of a world rife with monsters, necropunks, man-machine hybrids, gunslingers, and power-hungry politicos. Actively using character-driven stories to define the world of Malifaux, seek your fortune in this fast-paced and brutal 32mm tabletop miniature skirmish game. Assemble your crew and stake your claim!

With Malifaux 2nd Edition, new threats and nightmares are coming out to play. Now is the time to decide if you want to be at the bottom of the food chain, or if you're willing to hack and slash your way to the top. Each faction has it's own Arsenal Box that contains all that you need to bring your crew up to Malifaux 2nd Edition.


29 stat cards,
26 upgrade cards for Gremlins.