Zero Leader Board Game

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In Zero Leader, you will lead the brave pilots of the IJN and IJAA into battle all across the vast Pacific during WW2.

You will choose when to use your G4M Betty bombers to carry the famous Ohka rocket bomb. Will you choose to use Kamikaze attacks to destroy the American carrier?

Selling Points
☆ Solitaire
☆ WWII Air Operations from Japanese Perspective
☆ Great mix of strategic and tactical combat


  • 300+ Cards
  • 20”x15” Mounted Tactical Map
  • 15 Campaigns
  • 11 Counter sheets
  • Full color Rulebook
  • 5 Help sheets

Aircraft Cards Include:

  • A6M2 – Zero
  • D3A1 – Val
  • B5N2 – Kate
  • G4M – Betty
  • A6M5 – Zeke
  • Ki-84 – Frank
  • NiKJ – George
  • Ki-43 – Oscar
  • Ki-61 – Tony
  • Ki-44 – Tojo
  • J2M – Jack
  • Ki-51 – Sonia
  • G3M – Nell


  • Age: 12+
  • Number Of Players: 1
  • Play Time: 45 - 120 min

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